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Energy Savings Tips

Recommended by the City of Toronto


  • Use energy-efficient, compact fluorescent light bulbs. They require less energy and last 10 times longer than regular bulbs
  • Use task lighting (lamps) wherever possible
  • Place floor lamps or table lamps in a corner. Light will reflect from two walls, making the room brighter without turning on more lamps
  • Turn your lights off when you leave a room
  • Install dimmers in areas where full lighting is not always required (e.g. dining room)


  • Set your thermostat to 21ºC when you are in the house, 18ºC when you are sleeping and 15ºC when you are out


  • Turn off your air conditioner when you will be away for extended periods
  • Keep blinds and/or curtains drawn when your home is unoccupied during the day
  • During the day, set the thermostat to 25.5 ºC (summer months)


  • Install water efficient low-flow showerheads and faucet aerators
  • Install ultra-low flow toilets or an early closure valve (city rebate available!)


  • Only use your dishwasher for full loads and do not activate the drying/warming cycle
  • When purchasing appliances, follow the EnerGuide rating
  • Use a microwave oven when possible, instead of the oven
  • Electric kettles are faster and use less energy than boiling water on the stove

Laundry Room:

  • Wait for a full load of wash or use the small-load setting; wash in cold water
  • Do all your laundry within a short period - by drying consecutive loads, the energy used to bring the dryer to the proper temperature harnesses heat efficiently

By following these useful tips, your efforts will help save on cost.